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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Day Two With Katie.... day one went well. After driving around Baltimore for a while, attempting to find a parking spot for her big van (awesome that we can ALL go someplace and take one vehicle!), we went to a beach on the Chesapeake Bay yesterday. We packed sandwiches and ate lunch before going in the water. The kids were all fantastic! Other than a bit of sand/mud being flung in my hair, the kids were actually very good. We were outnumbered nearly three to one, so the fact that we had minimal melt-downs and minimal trouble is a testament to good parenting, right? *winks* Erin did nearly lose her glasses....she left them at the picnic table, where she'd put them down so I could smear her with sunscreen. We went back to get them, after sweet-talking the gate guard to let us back in without paying.

...and Aaron has an affinity for getting local delicacies while we're on vacation, so we made Katie find the local crab shack so we could get crabcakes. They. Were. Yummy. The kids ate ziti, of which we shared a little with them, but we held out for the crabcakes. Katie also made these fantastic chocolate lava muffins that her boyfriend Alton Brown taught her how to make. Oh. My. Chocolate. Heaven.

....So today we're going to hang around here before going to a Nationals game tonight. Tomorrow we're doing the DC thing. As much as the smaller kids will let us. So we'll see.

Hope everyone is having a good week so far.


Anonymous Judy said...

I'm glad katie allows you internet access,you haven't updated your blog so frequently for years now.

7:52 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

have a great time.

9:59 PM

Anonymous Judy said...

I am in abad mood today, too many kids in my house. I have had 8 or 9 different kids tromping through today. twice I have sent groups out, hoping to thin the herd a bit. I hope you and Katie are doing okay with 8 kids, but spread out through 3-4 adults I hope. I am waiting for Scott to come home, but he is ill and at Urgent care, hopefully getting meds for a sinus infection he has.

6:21 PM

Blogger Katie said...

Come back for internet any time! ;)

(Seriously thanks for coming out, it was a blast!)

8:44 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary, Steph!

8:47 AM


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