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Friday, July 06, 2007

Am Blown Away.... people's generosity. Recently, a person I work with lost nearly everything she had in an apartment fire. People have banded together so much to help that I'm bowled over by it. My company gave....the people who work for it gave....All these little acts of generosity are hopefully going to help her recover from this tremendous loss. She's OK. Everyone in her house (including pets) made it out OK. But this is mentally shaking to the core for her. But she, too, is blown away with how people are banding together to help. Amazing.

....another act of giving that I've learned about recently is a friend of a friend. I'm still blown away by her acts of generosity. She's nearly as old as my grandma, but she works harder than nearly anyone I know. She is from and lives in South Africa and spends her life with two main goals. To care for preschoolers who would otherwise be left to scavanging for food in landfills/dumps. And to finish the work she began with her late husband to build a church for those who were meeting in a classroom. I told my friend (it's cool Judy if you must know) that she might have competition in the "cool friend" category. Because this lady is phenomenal. And I'm so thankful that I met her.

....And these things continue to remind me that my toils of trying to afford daycare for the twins are very very trivial. They will have food, shelter, education, and love...and more. We have so much more than some people could even hope for.


Anonymous Judy said...

Noah and his friend Nick went to the pool with Nick's mom.Noah had to add before they left that Seth could come along, but he couldn't play with them. That was just mean. Poor Seth just stays in the shallow end anyway while other 2 bigger boys are all over the pool. There was really no threat of them being together at the pool. Seth took it well, and said he didn't want to go anyway, but I will be having a talk with Noah about this.

I am tired and just want to go to bed.

3:47 PM

Blogger Lillian Angelovic said...

I ran across your blog via Katie Fleck's blog, and just wanted to add a little note here about house fires. We lost our home to a fire last year and while it was a horrible experience that I would not wish upon anyone, it was also one of the most wonderful opportunities to feel truly loved - even by people that I never imagined even cared all that much. It's something I'll never forget - as much for the positives as for the negatives.

I wish the best to your friend, and hope she has as many good experiences to balance out the hard parts.

9:17 PM


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