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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

So much is rumbling around in my head.....I will share some of this with you now. Some will be kept under my hat....

Am putting the twins in preschool this fall. I'm OK with this as far as an educational standpoint, but fiscally, I'm a nervous wreck. I'm thinking that over half my pay will shelled out for it. I will be in credit card debt up to my eyeballs after this is all said and done. I hate that. Hate it. But, I suppose it's only money....and I'm really trying hard to let it go. It's just not happening right now. So that's my whining for that. Just hoping that the hump-busting I've been doing at work will pay off someday. Trying not to hold my breath on that one, though.

Had a loverly time with my girlies last night. We were able to get together and do the mini-album that I put together. It was an ordeal, but everyone was able to complete all of it. Afterward we went to a local Mexican restaurant and filled ourselves on some yummy fajita nachos. I was sad when they ran out! Of course, if I'd eaten any more, I would have been completely miserable. So it's serendipity.

Counting down the days to vacation!


Anonymous Judy said...

I want more of those nachos! They were very yummy. And what a deal they are if you share them with friends.

Can't wait till our next craft time together.

12:04 PM


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