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Monday, July 02, 2007

I *heart* this guy.....

....he'll always ham it up for the camera. I went down to Southern Indiana this weekend and left the boys behind. And, while it's more relaxing that way, I sure did miss them! the way, it's apparently a really good time to get future sis-in-law got some really great stuff! Everything went really well this weekend with her shower. Everyone behaved well, and that made it easy to just be tickled pink about all the fun stuff happening for them. They're the cutest little couple, and they're going about everything so well. Yes, they're young (21 & 22?), but they're older than I was when I got married AND they're sans kids! My brother has a better job than I do and she's going to be finishing school next May. They just bought the cutest little house, too.....I'm so very excited for them! (If you haven't noticed already....)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I totally agree - some of the wedding gifts people have now are awesome...and who knows, it might only get better when I get married someday :-)

Griffin is the funniest kid...we were at the square for the car show on Sat, and he goes "I'm SO glad we came here!" Of course he was on a sugar high from ice cream...Funny...


8:29 AM

Anonymous Judy said...

Mostly I just want household stuff myself, new rugs by the doors, fluffy towels. I need to clean out the oddball stuff I have around. My medicine is improving my sinus infection, so I feel a bit better.

1:07 PM

Blogger Cath said...

Oh wow Steph he is getting so big and is so handsome!

6:12 PM


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