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Monday, July 16, 2007


So I'm sitting in Katie's house, waiting on the shower. The first part of our vacation has gone pretty well. The condo that we had was on top of a small mountain in the Appalachians. The view was outstanding. The only bad thing was that it was much colder than what we left behind in good old Indiana. And much colder than what we came to in the Washington DC/Baltimore area. But, we got an afternoon in the pool under our belts, and we also went up the side of the mountain to ride the Alpine Slide down. The twins did very well on the chairlift ride up and had a complete blast on the slide down. Collin had fun staying with Grandma and Grandpa and Aunts Andrea and Alaina in their condo.

We got to Katie's yesterday afternoon, and after I "shared" a bottle of wine with Katie (she didn't like it), we went to sleep in their guest room after watching "Pants Off Dance Off". Hilarious, I say. The things we miss because we don't have cable television! hehe

So today I think we might be headed to the Bay to go swimming. Aaron also wants to take in the sites at the ESPN Zone. Am hoping that the twins cooperate! Fingers crossed for us!


Anonymous Judy said...

I miss you already. I think rebecca is sick again and stayed home from work, but I haven't checked her blog yet to see if she's updated. We hung out, went to the pool and had Burger King for lunch.

6:00 PM

Blogger Cath said...

Sounds like a fab time!!!!!!!!

3:05 AM


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