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Thursday, September 06, 2007

It's Really Here.... I supposed to feel something different? LOL

Anyway, got quite the loverly cake last night from Judy. Had a very difficult time in staying out of it. Looks so yummy....but I thought I'd share it with whomever shows up tonight.

Aaron and the kids bought me Dance Dance Revolution, so we'll have a dance off to add to the festivities tonight.

As for today, I treated myself to Starbucks for breakfast and Judy treated me to lunch at Taco Bell. Am currently stuffed beyond belief. Will need to stop eating like this.....

Anyway, thanks to everyone and their well-wishes!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dancing??? Bring it! :-) I'm so there!!!

2:15 PM

Blogger Katie said...

Happy Birthday! I so wish I could be there with you!

4:48 PM

Anonymous M@ said...

Happy Birthday. See you tonight. :)

5:39 PM

Blogger Nancy said...

Happy (Belated) birthday Lady!!!

Take video of the dance off, I would love to see that ;)

8:10 AM

Blogger The Murray Crew said...

Thanks for commenting and glad to hear from you. Congratulations on turning 20 + 10!
Quad Mom to Henry, Brooks, Clark, and Isaac

7:29 PM

Anonymous Greg said...

Happy B-Day (late). Welcome to the club.

9:30 AM


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