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Friday, June 08, 2007

Aaron's first day of Summer.....

.... So you all know by now my husband's a teacher. Thus, he now gets to spend the summer taking care of our little lovelies. They are giving him a run for his money, too! Here is a brief summary of his day:

6:30: wakes up to Erin in bed with us, pushing him off to the far reaches of his side of the bed.

7:00: goes in to school so that he can prepare for the tutoring jobs he has this summer.

8:00: gets home so that I can leave.

8:30: sits Collin down to tell him that he is going to be watching the twins. It's only for two hours and they are under no circumstances to go outside, have anyone over, or even answer the door.

10:30: he returns home to find both Collin and Griffin outside in the driveway and Erin inside where she's supposed to be. He calls me and we agree that Collin is to remain inside for the rest of the day, Griffin should get spanked, and the babysitting won't be happening again.

10:45-1:20: He does all the fatherly stuff he needs to do..... he gives the kids lunch, plays with them, and talks on the phone to his friend.

1:21: he calls me up and his exact words were "I quit. Tomorrow, I'm going back to school to work all summer. I have had it." Erin, while Aaron was on the phone with his friend Curt had cut her hair. I take back for ever laughing at Katie for Kelly's own works of art with her lovely baby curls. At least her kid had the decency to do it before she knew better!

1:40: he calls me back to say that he cut her hair the rest of the way (WTF?!) and that it was now a bob-style. He then gets in the van and trucks three kids (awful, awful kids) to the doctor. Amazingly enough, he talked about NOT taking happy pills instead of getting lots and lots of happy pills. (I will not be surprised if I come home and he's passed out on the couch if they keep up...but wait, it doesn't end here....)

2:30: he takes kids to used book store, where Erin throws a fit because he doesn't buy her the stickers she wants..... punishes all three kids by only buying books for himself.

6:30: I come home late to find a wonderful meal on the table (he worked off any aggression cooking a fabulous meal of ribs and other good food.) I start talking to Collin about the morning's mishap to find out that it was not Griffin, but HIM, Collin, who went outside first.

6:45-7:00: he had to listen to me yell at the top of my lungs at Collin who let his kid brother get his ass whipped for something he didn't do.

By 7:30, he was at the liquor store, replenishing the beer he'd been out of for a few days.

Today has been a better day, if reports are correct. I think that the kids shall live to see another day without their father blind drunk! Of course, if it were me, I think I would become BFF with Tanqueray again!

Have a lovely weekend, all! I shall be getting my loverly orange bridesmaid dress altered!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Holy shit. Reading your blog is now my new form of birth control.

4:35 PM

Anonymous Judy said...

Welcome to parenting. Summer does get better as it goes by. The kids settle into a routine and get used to the rules. Sorry to hear it was a day from hell.

6:42 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

How are you doing this week? I'm coming into town tomorrow morning sometime...hope to see you guys!

9:03 AM


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