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Monday, June 18, 2007

Hello, out there.....

How's everyone been? I've been doing ok. I'm in a creating kick these days, and have churned out many things I can be proud of. One of them is what you see here. I got the paper for dirt cheap at Archiver's (12 pcs of pattern paper and 12 pcs. of coordinating textured cardstock for $3.99!). Of course, usually when I buy things like these, I wind up hoarding them for so long I don't even like them when I get around to actually parting with them (feeling like using them, rather). But these, I decided to use on a little mini album. You see, a few friends and I get together as much as humanly possible to craft. Once a month or so, one of us (there are four of us) hosts the craft night. The people attending most often have to only bring themselves to craft and wind up taking home a finished product and a full belly. There have been occasions where someone (more often me than not) gets frustrated with what they are making and we wind up heading for adult beverages after crafting, but most often it's not much more than a few cookies (Lofthouse iced sugar being the preferred by more than one of us....) and some sweet iced tea. But it's enough. Because we have had the chance to hang out with people that make us feel good about ourselves. I would not trade that for the world. (See, Katie, you have to move back to Indiana so that we can make the quartet a quintet. I'm sure the others would agree that there's more than enough room!)

Anyway, I took this little album that was once a naked chipboard accordian album and tossed around what to do with it. Most often when it's my turn, I have a basic idea and tell the girls to have at my stash. And, while we've churned out some really great stuff by doing this, sometimes it leaves a little to be desired. So this time, I hemmed and hawed over what to do until I came up with a design for an album that's a total tribute to these three amazing women who enrich my life so much. These girls provide me with so much support, so many laughs, so many good times, that I needed and wanted to do something to capture that. And, laden with a few photos from our night out around Christmas, I was able to do just that. Not often do I make things that totally speak to me. But this does. And I hope that the other girls think so, too.

(um...there are other things going on Chez Byers, but some things just have to be kept on a more private domain....believe you me, it's not always easy to keep all my dirty laundry to myself. There's a lot to bitch about around my house! hehe)


Anonymous Judy said...

Is there literally a lot of dirty laundry to bitch about around your house? I did tons of laundry today, including peed on sheets and comforter. It was not me wetting th ebd, I swear. Ick. When does this end?

7:21 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

looks very cute, Stephanie...I wish I had half the talent that you do in designing stuff like that! Alaina

8:27 AM

Anonymous Stephenie said...

I'm really excited to do the album! Love ya!

1:19 AM


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