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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

whew...'s been quite the whirlwind of events for us these past few weeks. I keep trying to remind myself how fortunate I am to have the life I have. Not so easy to do at times, but I seriously am fortunate. (Yes, I've been reading Khaled Hosseini books again. His latest {thank you Judy for letting me borrow} is quite gripping and totally puts my life into perspective.....) I have a fantastic family (although the four year old tempers and the ten year old attitude tend to get me down....) I live in one of the wealthiest spots on earth, where anything I could possibly want is within five miles of my house. Granted, there are times that I feel stressed out about being really tight on right now.... roll on Friday! But if that's my biggest concern of the moment, I'm really sitting very pretty, no? Great family, great friends (who remain sorely neglected due to my manic lifestyle of the moment....), and a ton of (neglected, too!) craft supplies.

Please refer me back to this post in the future when I piss and moan again. K?


Blogger Cath said...

Hope you're all well girlie! Miss ya!!

2:31 AM

Anonymous Judy said...

Let's plan another craft night. look at the calendar, it's your turn, right?

2:10 PM

Anonymous Judy said...

I had Taco Bell for lunch. Life is totally good here, but I missed you.

12:36 PM


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