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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Our New Bathroom....

....Here it is, in all it's olive and sky blue glory! :) Aaron did such a good job on it. I love his style of decorating. He puts the energy into it that I can never seem to muster about house decorating.

....So we really paid for that day that was near 65 degrees, because it's currently snowing outside. It looks beautiful, but sheesh!

....Despite the fact that I got to bed before 10:00, I'm still wiped today. Funny that I woke up at 11:00 when Aaron was turning on his alarm for the next day, thinking it was time to get up. Went to the bathroom, and Aaron laid there, laughing at me for bitching and moaning about being so tired still. How happy I was to crawl back under the covers!


Anonymous alaina said...

don't feel bad! I've done that so many times!

12:40 PM

Anonymous Judy said...

You know, I am so tired today! Seth said he didn't feel well, more tired than sick, I think. I let him stay home from school so I could tell Mrs. ferry and Mrs. Foster that Seth was sick and I couldn't come in to do my usual Wed AM volunteering, then I put Seth in front of the TV while I napped all morning on the couch. I have taken my Excedrin Migraine meds and feel a little better, but have no pep in my step today. The snow is pretty and I am content to stay in and look out at it.

You know something is wrong if I am not out of the house running around.

12:50 PM

Anonymous Judy said...

Oh yeah, nice job decorating. I didn't mean to make it all about me today. But, well, sometimes it's all about me. QVC is having scrapbook deals today, by the way. Another good reason to stay home and watch TV.

12:51 PM

Blogger Katie said...

Nice! I love the shelves and baskets!

5:26 PM


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