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Friday, December 16, 2005

OMG....They've Just Dumped out All the Toys....

....And I wonder why I have no energy?? They just dump, dump, dump. Half of me really wants to get some sort of sand and water table in the daycare and taking out half of the toys (more than half, really). I sometimes wonder if they'd have more fun that way? I'm not sure. *sigh* But I do tell you that I'm sick of picking up toys. LOL

....Anyway, the day's going fairly well so far, but I must get back at it, or it soon shall be hell. Can't take your eyes off these guys for a second!


Anonymous Sharon Peters said...

At least they are dumping toys and not taking a dump in there pants like you do.

9:45 AM

Anonymous alaina said...

I'm home, and I will be all by myself all next week, so prepare yourself for visitors next week! You've been warned :-) And I'll bring caffeine beverages with me!

10:58 AM

Blogger fl13grl said...

hehehe.. ok the comments are getting quite funny! Ox...t

12:52 PM


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