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Friday, December 16, 2005

Does Anyone Know where the Heck The Week Went???

....I'd sure like to know! lol My head is positively floating with all that I've accomplished this week. Much to Aaron's chagrin, though, it's not really to do with the house. Most of it, however, has to do with getting things in line for Christmas! Today, I made the cutest (humble, eh?) decorated cans for the "specials" teachers at Collin's school. Someone told me that the specials teachers get ripped off during things like teacher appreciation and Christmas, so I busted my hump to get all these things done, just for Aaron (who also teaches at Collin's school) to tell me that they DO, in fact, make out like bandits. *sigh* Right, cheer and goodwill to all. Anyway, they're stinking cute, and I'm hoping to get a pic put up on my scrapping blog when I get the chance. Someone once said in a scrapbooking magazine "Take as many classes as you can, because you'll always learn *something* new." And, you know what? She was right. Because most of my gift ideas this year have been due to a class that I've attended (or that a friend has attended). So, there you have it. Go take a class in whatever turns your crank! ;)

....The past few hours have been spent trying to get some order back into my office. Which is really difficult to do with toddlers running amock and also trying to craft on the run. Crafting on the run is the only way I can get anything done. So I'm pretty much running in circles, creating huge messes. Lovely. So, I've spent my Friday evening living it up, sorting my scraps and throwing away clutter. Flylady would keel fucking over if she saw this joint, I tell ya!


Anonymous Ima Titman said...

Maybe the week went down the toilet like the shit in your pants should have. Just something to think about

8:55 AM

Blogger cmhl said...

hmmmm, now those were true words of wisdom from ima titman?? (hahah)

girl, I have no clue where hte week went. I stil lhave to mail things to the in-laws out west. unfortunately, that means I need to BUY said gifts as well. ha.

9:30 AM

Anonymous Judy, Bitch for the Day said...

Okay CMHL, why mail stuff to the in laws? Don't you have a husband? Tell the in laws that their son doesn't give a shit for them, and he can't get off his lazy ass to shop and mail for them. They should have raised him better!

For years, I have dutifully shopped for practical gifts for my husbands grandparents and mailed them off through UPS at Christmas time. Why? They LOVE to have the UPS guy come to their homes. NO MORE! I have a husbandm kids and a dirty home to take care of. I have no more time to shop for the old folks. If my husband cared, he could get off his butt and do it himself. By God, he goes to Meijer several times a week to get snacks and lunch, he could sure as hell shop for his Granny. He's not stupid. He can buy stamps, socks and dish towels as easy as I can.

Do you think Ima Titman would come to my house? That's another thing I don't get enough of. Maybe if I am naughty he could spank me.

And as for the specials teachers, could you please bake one of them some cookies with ex lax in them? Or maybe make them extra crunchy in hopes the bitch would choke on them? Maybe one of the rabbits that shit all over her house could give her CPR? Rabbits aren't pets, my friend. They're food! And I bet they are tasty!

11:09 AM

Anonymous alaina said...

my god, why would you want the teachers to choke on the cookies or give them cookies with ex-lax?

10:31 PM


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