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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

10 Sounds I like to Hear....and 10 I Don't....

thanks, Leann, for the idea! :)

I love to hear.....

1. baby belly-laughs
2. when Collin's really excited about something
3. the suckling of the twins as they nurse
4. the sound of any of my kids or my husband telling me they love me
5. music...good music
6. the quiet of naptime (ahhhh.....)
7. the sound of a choir during midnight mass
8. the sound of kids playing on a playground
9. the sweet voices of those saying their marriage vows
10. the sound of a toddler singing

I hate to hear.....

1. an all-out sobbing baby
2. kids fighting
3. my husband complaining
4. that sound that can only be accompanied by a shitty diaper
5. the sound that comes before a child empties their stomach of all contents
6. loud rap or heavy heavy metal music
7. the sound of a car crash
8. NASCAR commentary
9. gunshots
10. kids asking me questions.... :(


Blogger Katie said...

I can do without NASCAR commentary
too. Vroom, vroom! lol Great lists. :)

2:58 PM

Blogger Katy said...

I adore the baby belly laughs....I donot think there has ever been a better sound!

2:38 PM


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