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Sunday, April 03, 2005

Uncle Sam and Puke.....

Well, the weekend promised to be fun.....until both my sister-in-law and Aaron got sick. The sister-in-law (who shall hereforth be referred to as Andrea), called us up on Saturday morning and said "well, I have a problem....see...I've been throwing up and in the bathroom all I'm afraid that I'm not going to be able to watch the kids this evening for you." No problem, we say....we'll just take them to the wedding that we were going to make a date out of, and they can all wear their Easter clothes. So...that's what we did. :D It was a good time, but the twins got grumpy before the real party started, so we went home. That's when the fun started.....for as I sit sorting through receipts to search for things I could claim as daycare expenses, Aaron starts alternating between praying to the porcelain god and perching himself on the porcelain throne. Oy, can I tell you how bad my whole room/bathroom/closet stunk last night? About as bad as a good day with the diapers around here.

The bonus of the weekend is that Uncle Sam's going to give me a helluva good refund this year. Though, Uncle Hoosier is going to take a few bucks from me. I suppose I can afford $58.....Considering I didn't pay one damn dime of my money in for an estimated payment, I'd say that we came out on top.

Now we just have to wait until we either get the money and the IRS (who isn't all that bright at times anyway) says that they're happy with my shoddy accounting work (perhaps shoddy is a bit harsh, as I'm not trying to screw the government out of anything...I just am not certain that I'm following the instructions properly).......or I get a loverly notice and have to figure out what the hell I did wrong.

I used to work in an accounting firm, see....and they always made big talk of "self-assurance"....basically, self-check of the shit they were cranking out.....well....I think that I should ask for a better job when I go back and beg Uncle Ernie for a job, as I think that I did a very good job of self-assurance....I found a few minor mistakes (keystroke errors, no doubt) in my return, and was able to fix it. Of course, it meant getting fifty less back, but oh, well.....I'm still going to get a hefty return. Just one less set of stamps I can buy. hehe


Blogger diligent law student said...

geez, Steph! We're going have to go quarantine your house like in Outbreak and make all of you live in plastic bubbles sooner or later :-) j/k Hope Aaron at least starts feeling better soon considering he's on spring break - no one likes to be sick on vacation! And that means less help for you if he's sick. Miss you guys a lot - send pictures of the kiddos - I could use that while studying - the boost, that is ;-)

8:01 AM

Blogger Cath said...

Hope Aaron and your sis in law are feeling better soon! It's no fun when its coming from both ends!

3:43 PM


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