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Monday, May 24, 2004

this weekend was good. got some rest in, which is always nice.

yesterday we went to visit the NICU where erin and griffin were for nearly three months. it was fun to see the three people that were there that took care of the babies. one of the nurses that took care of them was there and hadn't seen them since they left the hospital. she took care of them when they were first born, but left them to take care of someone else's babies...a woman she had known since the woman was three! so i didn't blame her. but she always says how guilty she feels about it. but she totally helped keep me together those first few weeks in the NICU. she was so sweet and caring, and really loved my babies, which made me love her.

it's really an emotional subject for me. the nurses and respiratory techs became my friends while they took care of my kids. and when we left the hospital, they weren't there anymore, and that left a big void. sounds kind of weird, but it's the way it is. i am so grateful that these people came into my life. without them, my babies might not be here and would definitely not be doing as well as they are today.


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