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Friday, May 21, 2004

today's been a busy but quiet day. i enjoy the bustling of order with toddlers. they are so much fun sometimes....for instance, gage, the two year-old terror, made me nearly wet myself with giggles during our music time today.....i have a bucket o'instruments, purchased at the local wal-mart for ten bucks. i pass out the instruments and try to get the kids to name them. there is a pair of castanets that are shaped like ladybugs. after we have passed the lot around for them to try, i ask them again what the names are for each instrument. getting to the castanets, gage said: 'they're crap!' hooohooo...i sometimes really love that boy!

now is some peace and quiet, and it's really odd to have it. isn't there ANY adult out there willing to talk to me?! hehehehe quiet, schmiet!


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