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Monday, May 17, 2004

feeling like shit today....going to the docs at 1:30. i've been running a low-grade temp and almost feel flu-like! :( i just hope it's something that they can give me some meds for and let me get on my way...instead of telling me it's viral and tell me i have to suffer it out! LOL not that i'm a fan of taking meds all the time, but i'm an even bigger fan of not feeling like shit all the time! LOL

had a busy ol' weekend....collin and i read about 150 pgs in prisoner of azkaban (Harry Potter 3)....aaron put up our new playset...woohoo! :) the daycare kids sat this morning with their poor little faces plastered to the window, asking me when it would be finished.....stupid rain came in and now they won't be able to play today! :(

at least i'm down to just the four year old girl, and the inferno child for the rest of the day. it should make it a bit easier!


Blogger Chris said...

Oy! Feel better soon.

8:53 PM


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