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Saturday, May 22, 2004

today was a pretty good day, allergy hell aside! they say the pollen count is up pretty high this year, and i'm certainly feeling it.

i pretty much wasted the day away, just like most saturdays (when aaron is at school).....i get up and nurse the babies, pour a bowl of cereal, change their diapers and give them breakfast...lock the house down and sleep on the couch for a while until collin comes out....then we read some harry potter (when mom's head isn't bursting with the pollen-laden allergy hell headache! :( ). then we get around to lunch and usually go shopping afterward, mooching around (gotta love british english! LOL) wal-mart or target, spending way too much money! i love being lazy, tho, because it seems i don't have much time to truly be lazy (in MY sense of the word) throughout the week.

today my sis-in-law, andrea, came over to work on a scrapbook for her friend's baby shower. it turned out really cute, and i think she might be a convert to scrapbooking....tho i need to get her married off and having babies so we can really set to work! ;)

the babies are really starting to walk more. they really are making the effort to walk to where they want to go, even if it is only for a few steps before plopping down and doing what comes so naturally to them! they are just getting so darn big! i don't mind, tho...the sooner they are able to get their own little asses everywhere, the better! :) tho, my buff arms might go by the wayside! hehe seriously, i've loved every stage of the kiddo...up to seven, that is! ;) i love watching them at each stage, marveling at how fast they grow up and being so proud of their accomplishments. it's kind of hard to know that erin and griffin are my last babies, but it's so great to know that they're doing so well and that they're relatively healthy, and so am i. so that's worth never having another baby in the house! :D

ok...suppose i shall call it a night. not much happening around here tonight! it's mighty quiet on the weekends when everyone has stuff to do! LOL


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