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Monday, May 10, 2004

i'm tired today, but other than that, life is pretty good.....the baby stayed with his grandmother today, which is OK...the little persnickety man!

my mother-in-law loved her album. she cried when she opened it, hugged me, and told me she loved me. it was very sweet of her. sometimes, however (here comes the negative side of me...LOL), i wonder if that's just because she was taken off her estrogen! LOL....nah..she's very sweet, and i'm lucky to have her on my side. neither of us is perfect, so we don't get along ALL the time, but for the most part, we do pretty well. i got a pretty pair of pajamas from her for mother's day. this is a tradition of sorts.

i've really got the scrapbook bug right now. after the 20 pages i did this past weekend, i really want to get going again on it. i just haven't had extra energy to do it.....we'll see...hopefully i can fit it into my fly-style schedule! ;)

i do have one itty-bitty grump...ok...make it's fairly bittersweet....the friend's in the house, if you know what i mean....which is bittersweet, because i think i'm really good with having survived two pregnancies, so i'm not wanting to tempt fate with another....but boy-oh-boy, i'm not really enjoying myself after a three or so month hiatus on that homefront! LOL my second grump is that i just wrote out all the invitations for a leaving prints show i was supposed to be doing on the 19th...and she gave me an email to day, asking to re-schedule....oh, least she wants to reschedule, but i've got writer's cramp now! LOL oh, well...things could be a lot worse, couldn't they?

i've got diet coke (LOOOVE that husband of mine!) to get me through it.....for some women it's chocolate, and while i'm not against using chocolate for the days when you need solice is diet coke! :)


Blogger *shelley* said...

Aw Steph!!! - You blog fabulously! Are you sure you and I arent living the same life????? We could be! Luv ya - Shelley :)

4:28 AM


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