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Thursday, May 20, 2004

i'm procrastinating horribly today.....i should be doing anything but sitting here on the damn puter! LOL did you know that you could visit a profile and click on interests and find someone with like interests...then read their blog? LOL how fun is that? i found other people who like better than ezra! LOL
who knew?

k...that confirms that i need a life! ;)

things on the agenda that i'm currently not doing by sitting here on my fat tushy:
--writing an advertisement for getting new kids to watch
--writing a newsletter for Leaving Prints
--folding the mounds of laundry on the floor and putting them away
--putting coupons into the four dollar coupon organizer i bought.
--sending out coupons promised to friends
--calling people to have Leaving Prints parties
--anything of any importance whatsoever

at least i'm not complaining about life all that much. it amazes me the amount of time people spend complaining, myself included. life is pretty much ok right now. i don't have a fever anymore. the sore throat is still around, but not impeding my diet coke intake is ok. it's the ever-present rollercoaster of being a mommy of toddler twins, and babysitter to nine others at varying times. it's going to have its ups and downs, and that's just the way it is.

we went out to play on our new playset today...which was a bit of a mistake, as the lawn dudes came to aerate (sp?? LOL) the lawn and we have little turd-shaped bits of mud on the grass...that, and it must have rained more than i thought as i lay in slumber yesterday, because the ground has more mud than i had anticipated...and so does my floor! :) it's ok, tho, because erin and griffin got the chance to climb up the rock wall and prove their stuff. :) that makes it all worthwhile! :) to see about making some cookies or doing something else with these rotton boys! LOL they're being good....but how good can you expect a four year-old and two two year-olds to be?? thank god for blue and dora! :)


Blogger *shelley* said...

Ok I posted this in the wrong part first so Ill try again.

YOu blog fabulously! Are you sure that you and I arent one and the same person? Our lives are the exact same, except you dont drink tea and eat fish and chips, and well, I dont know what a Taco is. :)

4:30 AM


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