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Thursday, April 01, 2004

Today was a not so bad day....tho i tell you that inferno-child is really going to drive me to drink....or drive me to the stress center, whichever turns my crank at the time.....people who coddle their children like they've obviously coddled mr.-i-must-eat-a-green-and-an-orange-vegetable-and-one-fruit-with-every-solid-feeding-and-don't-forget-to-put-a-different-cereal-in-each-one-please............

BUT......i DID get out for a date, and my husband is working on the far this week, i've been showered upon with gifts of jelly belly's...all my favs!...and a book....and he 'fessed up that he's got some hand lotion for me, too. he's such a sweet and thoughtful guy. please remind me of this the next time he really pisses me off! ;) i must really find a way of spoiling him back.....hmmm...... AND...the best part of the night is that we got to eat at bahama breeze! woohoo!!

now...time to go take the sleeping babies out of their cribs and force the boob on them.....hopefully this is not a bad mommy, but they're very full and starting to hurt.....


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