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Wednesday, March 03, 2004

feeling better today....i figured out that as long as i keep pushing sudafed that i feel better! imagine that! LOL

got a bit of scrapping done last night! wayhay! finished up some pages that had missing journaling. pondered over those that i'd not started. finished the make-n-take swap for LP. i'm feeling in the groove....must stay there if i'm ever to get anything done.

tho i realized that if i do 200 pages this year, i might be caught completely up! LOL....if i get 25 done this month, i just might be through 2001. we'll see. it would be wonderful to be that far caught up! i have a house album and a vacation album to do, but i think that i'll be able to get those in under the 200 page mark, too....we'll see.

i might never get caught up if i scrap too many of the digipix i've been taking. i can only imagine what it would be like if i had an unending batt supply and memory card! jeez!

must go give my sacrifices of food to the natives, lest they get restless.....they could form a coup or something, and then where would i be?


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