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Monday, March 15, 2004

the crop went well.....for me being as unorganized as the day is long! about five girls showed up, and i sold about thirty dollars worth of product! not too shabby!

i'm tired of being sick, tho...i went for a walk on saturday morning and my sinuses really went whacko afterward! i took a nap, and felt better when i woke up, but i'm really tired of the congestion and pressure. am making plans now to go to the docs on wed. not really wanting to, as don't want to use antibiotics, but am thinking my body wants them...hehe

cleaning is something that can be addictive.....which is probably why i don't like to do it, seeing as i have an addictive personality and am an all-or-nothing kind of girl. case in point....i get the wild hair up my butt to clean the living room, voiding the entertainment shelf of all the videos that the babies like to toss on the floor every day, replacing the videos with some toys that are bigger and more easily picked up.... this turned into organizing the videos into daycare/collin/adult stashes, which turned into putting together toys that needed to be put together since february, which turned into dusting, which turned into spot-shotting the carpet, which turned into me wanting to clean the kitchen cupboards, but stopping myself before it got later than 1 am! why do things like that happen? now i know how my mother-in-law keeps a spotless becomes an obsession!!

sunday was spent lounging on my mother-in-laws couch, with the same sinus issues, gorging myself on hashbrown casserole, and picking up tons of veggies off the floor, thrown down by my mother-in-law-encouraged twins.....

today's not been a bad day so far...i'm running a bit of a tighter ship these days and encourage the kiddos to help me clean the toys up....we'll see how long we can do it.....


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