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Tuesday, March 30, 2004

things are going ok today. nothing much new to report....i'm down a babysitting kid, which makes it only five in my house today. not too shabby. it would otherwise be seven! YIKES!!

my latest crusade (here comes the shameless request) is the March of Dimes Walk America. why? because they have funded the research behind many of the treatments for premature babies. who knew that i would feel so strongly for the charity organization that kept me busy for hours on end with my grandma, reading every book i could? i remember my brother and i getting medals for reading so many books! i even won an owl because of it! LOL the things that come running back.

ANYWAY, i digress.....premature babies....when i was younger, it was simply for birth defects, as many of the children that survive prematurity now, wouldn't have back then....WHY? because of the research and development that was funded by March of Dimes monies. SOOOOOO, here goes......SPONSOR ME!!! here is the link to which you can go and you, too, can make a pledge and save babies like erin and griffin.

so....there you have it, ladies and latest crusade that doesn't include paper and glue.....tho that crusade is continuously rearing its beautiful ugly head....*yawn* i was up until past midnight last night scrappin' the night away!


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