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Friday, March 12, 2004

today is the day of my first crop! crossing fingers that i can get through this 'first' just as well as the party! :) i didn't send out too many invitations, but hopefully this will help boost my confidence to start getting the word out. i'm really self-conscious, and don't want to appear pushy or weird! LOL

i'm finally starting to feel a bit better. kudos to aaron for finding some good cough syrup. he had help at the pharmacy. they know our family by our first names, and are always willing to help us get whatever we need. it's neat to have that kind of situation...makes me feel like westfield is starting to become our home. anyway, hopefully the rest of the house will recover from the cough and we can move on from it!

i need to figure out how to feel closer to collin right now. he's going through the typical seven-year old stuff, and i'm afraid i'm not very patient with him these days....i like to read books to him at night, but sometimes that doesn't become a huge priority. so, that's my biggest goal for the moment.


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