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Friday, April 02, 2004

another not-so-bad day in the land of shitty diapers and splattered baby food. the school boy is home (with dad, actually, but dad's been working on his grad work and has therefore been back at his classroom today) today, as the start of his spring break. it's been odd to have him in point....he didn't get breakfast today simply because he didn't pipe i a bad mommy or what?! i did try to soothe over the wound with gifts of harry potter and the chamber of secrets read aloud, but i still feel two inches high. oh, well.....did i mention that dad was home for breakfast? while some of you may do everything around the house that pertains to children, the husband is usually good at doing his fair share. oh, well.....chalk him up on the bad parent list, too.

got a little bit of a nap, tho, when harry wore me out. so all is not lost! ;)


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