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Tuesday, March 02, 2004

feeling a bit foggy today. my nose is ever stuffed up and my voice is gone. oh, well....there isn't anyone to talk to and anywhere to be anyway, so what does it matter? LOL

i'm currently working on some things for my LP swap....a long time ago i swore off scrapbooking swaps, but this is different. it's a make-n-take swap that's aim is to use LP product efficiently. so i'm making these really cute tags....we'll see.

i also need to get stuff ready for my first show. who knows if anyone will be there, but we'll see! :) i'm nervous beyond all belief, but think things will be fine. i also need to get a flyer together for my first crop. i've also ordered some extra things (shhh...don't tell aaron!!) in the hopes that people might want to buy them as they work.....we'll see! :) {that's really a mantra of mine!!}

it is really my hope that i get this scrapbooking business off the ground. i really think i could do well at it. i just need to put more brainpower and time and effort into making it fly. again....we'll see......

i need to set up some goals for's see:

bookings: get three bookings for late March-early be done by March 15
Out of the Box: sell one be done by the end of March
recruits: one recruit (?) be done by the end of March
demo album: put together the tearing kit and put LP product pages in an be done by Sunday at 2:00....
demo album: get together a few pages of why LP? why i scrapbook? a little about me. be done by March 13.

i'm tired with just writing those down! LOL but i feel as though i perhaps might do a little more work to attain them if i write them out. again.....we'll see! :)


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