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Saturday, February 28, 2004

not too shabby of a saturday so far. i got up and fed the babies, got ready to go, and went downtown to go out for lunch with my old work crowd. it was fun to see everyone again, as i hadn't seen most of them since i quit in august. while i don't miss the work i was doing, i do miss the commradery of going to work everyday to talk and laugh with these people. our work relationships were not something you just find every day, and i can honestly say they are friends. we picked up pretty much where i left off, and they had lunch just as if i wasn't really staying at home. was nice.

i'm hoping to end off the day with a date with aaron. it will be really nice to get out with just him to talk and be a couple. we haven't been out on a date since the summer, so i'm really looking forward to it. i hope that we go somewhere fun, but quiet so we can actually just enjoy eachother. he's been really down in the dumps lately, and i wish that there were more i could do to make his life a bit better. it kills me to see him so unhappy with life.


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