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Friday, February 20, 2004

ok....while i am not exactly a lazy ass, i feel it. i never get anything done! LOL

i went on a late-night run to michael's and target with my friend jan yesterday. and of course, spent way more than i had anticipated. and, while i didn't get the flyer made for the upcoming crop, i DID get some paper takers (target is clearancing out a lot!! :( ) to organize the paper line for crops. this makes me happyj!

i do need to scrapbook more. i'm kind of at a lull right now. it's more that i'm so tired that it's hard to find the motivation to scrapbook. oh, well. i figure that in no time the babies won't require me to be there to bolt out to scrapbook or to lock myself in my space. so, i'm enjoying this aspect of their lives while i can. no problems there!

the weekend is nearly here! hurrah! i'm hoping to get some crafting in. i would like to get some pages done (15 more for the month! i think i can, i think i can!) and some cards made with my new stamps (do i really NEED another obsession??).


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