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Sunday, February 22, 2004

urgh....a weekend shot to hell by sickness....and this time it was ME. blah. i was so happy to be able to stamp/scrapbook, too! pout, stamp feet....

at least inferno-child will be home tomorrow. the poor little man has an ear infection, so when i called to say that i wasn't feeling especially well, they said that they'd just keep him home. i think i'll manage tomorrow, then.

times like these get me to thinking how fortunate i truly am. i had a friend in college who was a single mom with boy/girl twins. i can't even begin to imagine how tough life was for her. we hung out a bit, and lost track of eachother when i graduated. but i can't help but think of how hard it would be to be going it alone. thank goodness her parents let her live with them!

another friend of mine has many children and a husband who doesn't share the domestic load as much as mine. i can't begin to imagine what sick days are like for her. does her husband let her sleep in when she feels bad, or does she just muddle through, filling sippy cups in between those wonderful bouts of dizzying nausea?

don't get me husband is a perfectionist, who is sometimes very hard on me. everyone has downfalls, and i definitely fit into the category of everyone! but i really have a good husband who does his best to make my life a little more pleasant for me. he goes the extra mile to do nice things to make things easier for me. like bringing the babies into bed in the middle of the night for me to nurse, or letting me sleep in as much as humanly possible when i'm sick.

i will definitely need to remind myself of this the next time he pisses me off! :)


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