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Monday, February 23, 2004

and the bitch in me comes out big style......

it bothers me to no end when people start playing the 'who had the worst situation game'. why must people always think they've had it the absolute worst and then try to give other people (that perhaps had it just as rough as them but in different ways), advice on their feelings? please, help me put into perspective how someone who had babies at 35 weeks, who were in the NICU for 3 weeks, whose mother had toxemia and HELP syndrome, could feel like their situation was any worse than mine? i do not go around toting the fact that the twins were preemies like a war symbol. if people ask how old they are, i tell them their chronological age. if they persist on why they look small, i tell them that they were three months early. most people do not know the severity of that, so they just drop it and move on.

we all go through shitty stuff. it's a fact of life. we all carry approximately the same load on our backs. it just takes a different shape. i just wish i could wear a sign on my back that says "please make no comment or give any advice about the load on my back".


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