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Monday, February 16, 2004

it was a pretty good weekend. the babies' birthday party was saturday, and they had a blast. it's funny how something like that destroys their schedule. at least today's another day, and they're back on track.

the babies each had their own cake, which was identical to the others except the colors and the names. pink and blue, of course. each had a teddy bear on top that was an actual cake that the kids could have for themselves. and we still have a bunch of cake leftover, as usual. it's ok, tho, because joan's cakes are the best!

i went with jan to wal-mart for a late-night, get everything we need before morning trip, and was looking at the clothes after getting diapers. i look at the preemie stuff and it's finally looking small to me. wal-mart has a nice selection of preemie clothes that don't cost a lot. i picked up the outfits and marvelled at how small they were and how they were too big for the kids when we were first looking into buying them. i used to laugh at a friend of mine who had a preemie baby and how she would comment on huge everything was that people were buying for her daughter, a miracle baby in her own right. then it was my turn. i seriously wondered how erin especially would ever grow big enough to fit into size 6/9 mos. and now, here we are, almost growing into the 12 mos clothes.

off to put a diaper back on griffin, who has figured out how to take it off. he's feeling like a king. he perks up the minute he's fully naked, the crazy boy.


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