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Wednesday, January 21, 2004

scrapbooking won out over drinking last night......nine pages MTD (month-to-date)....eight more to go for the 17 page goal....plenty of time! hehe

mcdonalds' breakfast to compensate for the big fight yesterday....we're going to be in the good again, i suppose. i do worry that aaron will someday hit me instead of breaking down the house.....oh, well.

busy ol' day soon as i get up off my lazy ass (being lazy after spoon-feeding three babies, making three glasses of chocolate milk and changing four shitty diapers (griffin's hit his two-shit maximum already....) and closing four doors to barricade bathrooms...why must griffin go straight to the toilet for fun? ) we'll paint to bust out the black and white to make gray for the preschooler......sighs.....

Goals of the day: to finish the baseball page that I started last night, push through all the laundry (I know, Greg, that's all I ever talk about....but it's the bane of my homebound existence), and keep everyone alive.....


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