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Thursday, January 15, 2004

K...back from the docs. Never a dull moment in this house! I'm doing well with my psycho meds....we'll see. I also found out that I would have to have shots in my stomach during pregnancy, so as of today, this baby maker is officially closed. It makes me feel a bit sad to think that. Having twins and not being bound by daycare has made me think that I would like to have ONE baby, within the bounds of marriage, and to attempt to have it without complications. It saddens me to think that I'll never have a "normal" pregnancy. I know that I should be happy to just have the three very beautiful (I'M not an obsessed mom, am I?!) children that I have, especially given the fact that I know plenty of people who have 1) had miscarriages and 2) had problems with infertility. It still saddens me a little.

OK, that gone, I'm still a loser who didn't get anything folded or finished today! We aren't even having chicken helper.....Taco Bell to the rescue! yum!

I guess there's still time to do the laundry................NAH!!!


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