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Thursday, January 15, 2004

After going to bed before 7, I feel really "on it" today. Last night, after managing to get one page finished (three YTD!), I used up all my remaining energy to clean baby/kid dishes that don't do well in the machine (as one of my pet peeves is to have all the little cups that you get from restaurants turned over and filled with nasty-ass water in them when all the other dishes are clean....). After that, it was all I could do to remain awake!! So, I went to bed with all my clothes still on and I didn't even have to wonder how I managed to get there! (oh, the boring domesticated life I lead!)

I woke up this morning to a clean kitchen and living room, all the work of my dear and devoted husband. I am really surprised that he didn't nag me about going to bed so early. Nagging is one of his hobbies.

I'm feeling more and more like a normal person today...this minute...which is subject to change at any given second. I really feel like I'm accomplishing things today. All the kids are fed and over half of them are sleeping (my kids insist on keeping their own lovely of them!). I am working with Inferno-child's mom to get a good feeding schedule down for him in hopes to make him a happy boy...which seems to be working....this minute...subject to change any given second. I've managed to unload the dishwasher.....all that, and the other kids haven't managed to kill one another!

Goals of the day: to fold laundry that's piling up in my bedroom (right behind me, as the puter is in my bedroom), push the other laundry through, make dinner (no good homemade stuff tonight....we're talking Chicken helper, here), clean up pile of thrown grapes and mac-n-cheese in kitchen along with dishes from lunch, and finally, to finish the layout that needs journaling and title page (aiming to do this without buying anything new....even though I would prefer to for the sake of the page....)......

stay tuned....will she be the usual loser, or will her streak of being 'on it' continue throughout the rest of the day?


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