Life as a reformed Zookeeper. Now living a life as a working mother who dabbles in karate, scrapbooking, and Coors Light!

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

so....aaron comes home and hops into bed...feeling much the worse for wear....this i sympathize with.....BUT...when he's going to bed just so he can stay out late and play computer games with his friends? somehow i cannot sympathize with this.....fight ensues.....i love my life sometimes....aaron owes me a remote control and some spackle.....i'm just sayin'.

i don't even want to scrapbook anymore....just drink and sleep.....the raw irony of that is that one of my lovely boob-addicts will wake up in the middle of the night, so drinking is least tomorrow everyone comes here at 7:30ish instead of 6:15-6:30.....aaaah the life


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