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Friday, July 03, 2009


.....So the past few weeks have been quite eventful. Seems what I thought was a heat rash that wouldn't quit turned out to be shingles.... That was discovered when the sensation of someone taking a hot Brillo pad to the underside of my skin took over. Thankfully, they didn't last too long. I do not know how long I could have done with being on sleeping pills and pain medicine.

.....Had a good time with my sisters-in-law last weekend. We went to the Greenwood Freedom Festival. One of them lives down there, so it was nice to be able to see her in her own environment. Her apartment complex has a pool, so we were able to let the kids swim. The twins did really well with arm floaties, and are very happy in the water. The festival itself was ok....the girls made fun of me because I ate my way through it. You can't go to something like that and not get an elephant ear, lemon shake-ups, and cobbler and ice cream (well...that was because it was a Boy Scout Troop, and I felt the need to support it.... I was trying to offer to share it, but no one ate any, so I ate it all myself. It was soooo yummy!).

......Let's see.... we're keeping Judy's guinea pigs while she and her family are on vacation. They're doing just fine, though they did make the unhappy noise a few times early on in the week. Other than that, they're being cuddled on by my kids, though they do miss their owners. we're going to Conner Prarie for the Glorious Fourth. Am going to see about getting as much from our membership as possible. What's so wonderful about today is that if the twins start whining as badly as they did last week, we can bail out for home without having lost anything. And so help me, if they are ungrateful like they were last weekend, we'll come home and everyone will go to bed!


OpenID ispeakbeanish said...

Oh no! Shingles! I'm so sorry, but very glad to hear you're better. Looks like you can celebrate your independence from that this 4th as well! Hope y'all have a blast!

2:07 PM


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