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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Good Weekend.... we had a great weekend!

...The concert was a lot of fun. I may or may not have done a little pre-partying ($11.00 for 24 oz. of Coors Light when I can get 18 12 oz. bottles at Kroger for $10.88? I don't THINK SO!) before the concert. I may or may not have split half a bottle of whiskey with a friend in about 15 minutes. And I may or may not have horked my guts up on the way into the concert. I did NOT, however, pass out (which is usually the case when I've overindulged like that). I did, however, miss the first few bands as I lay in recovery on the lawn. Which makes me sad, even though I know I'm the only one to blame for my bad choices. As most of you know, I do pre-concert research to listen to the front-runners. And darn it if I didn't really like what I heard on the snippets of iTunes that I'd listened to that day. Anyway, I was right as rain by the time Saving Abel came on stage. Not being a terribly big fan of them, I used that time to get food and diet Coke (no way I was going to drink any more that day!). Then I was all ready to dance my ass off to Shinedown and Disturbed. I really like Shinedown, and was very happy with the performance they gave. Shinedown is one of the harder bands that has a front-man with a really great set of pipes on him. The only downside? His voice was a bit on the tired side, so some of the stuff that is in higher vocal range for a man, he dropped down an octave or sang the harmony line for it. Was one of those things you wouldn't realize unless you were a musician. But I recognized it. Disturbed was the main act of the night, and, while I was stoked beyond belief to hear them live again, I didn't find that they did quite as good of a job as they did in December. They did do a few interesting accoustic intros to a few of their songs, making me think that they would sing pretty much the ONLY accoustic song they have (Darkness, if you're a Disturbed fan). But no... I still have yet to hear that live.

...anyway, I didn't mean for this post to turn into a musical review! So Sunday, we spent a good part of the day with the in-laws, who had watched the Gruesome Twosome so that we could go get crazy on the lawn. Collin came home from camp just in time to go, and we got the news that he was acting Senior Patrol Leader for the camp. AND, he did a great job in the role. *beams with happy momma pride* After we ate ourselves into grilled-food oblivion, I took Griffin to a friend's house for a playdate. The mom and I get along pretty well, and have some crazy similarities to our lives, so we sat in their backyard and chatted while the boys played. The night wore on, and the other little boy invited Griffin to spend the night. So I let him, thinking I'd probably be going in my jammies to get him later. They live in our neighborhood, so it wasn't a big deal. He made it the entire night. *sniffles at the thought that this really is the big time of having big kids!* Collin spent the night with another neighbor, which made me feel a bit bad, so I blew up an air mattress on the living room floor and Erin and I had a slumber party. She liked that, so it was worth having a bad back in the morning!

...Monday, we went to some friends' house. They had a baby earlier this month, so we got the chance to snuggle on him. With how many babies are happening in my world right now, I can't help but be clucky. Aaron makes fun of me, saying NO WAY we're going to have another. In theory, another baby would be awesome. So would a puppy, however, and you sure as hell don't see me lining up to adopt one! I do, however, miss the fun things about having a baby.... I miss nursing (as soon as the milk has been regulated and the baby and momma know what they're doing...those first few weeks suck like none other!). I miss having a tiny little one to just snuggle. I miss the little grunting noises. The newness of everything. But that STILL doesn't make me want to go through the trauma of another birth. I'll settle for loving and celebrating everyone else's babies. I had lunch with Judy at our favorite little kebab house. So yummy! Tomorrow I'll eat lunch with Katie. Got to get lunch in with my stay-at-home-mom friends while they're kidless during the day!


Blogger Judy in Indiana said...

We'll eat lunch togethe rthis summer, it will just be at Taco bell, or maybe Long John Silvers or Wendy's if Noah is left behind or otherwise occupied. I will miss Kebab Corner, though. Thankfully other people were there besides us today!

5:34 PM

OpenID ispeakbeanish said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend!!

11:18 PM

Blogger Judy in Indiana said...

Put down the facebook and get back to the blogs. yours and mine, they are lonely. So very lonely.

1:35 PM


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