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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Not Much To Say....

...not a lot going on here. Trying to dig out from being gone last week. We had a nice, lazy weekend, which was nice. I didn't do much of anything!
...speaking of not doing much of anything, my sumo-wrestler diet and lack of exercise are catching up with me, so I'm hopping back on the exercise wagon. My schedule with karate is a bit funky these days, so am not getting much exercise in at all these days. I only do karate on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, and there are days where we don't break a sweat. Of course, there are also days where I sweat through my clothes. But those days have been less often, so I know now that I need to figure something out. I just feel better when I'm active. Arthritis does run in my family a little bit (says the girl whose grandmother is nearly incapacitated with pain), so I know that I need to take care of myself. My hips have been crazy angry at me lately, and my back hurts when I don't get enough activity in. I really find it funny that it takes so much motivation to exercise. And it's soooo easy to find reasons NOT to exercise. Let's face it, it's easy to feel like crap and not feel like doing anything other than crawling under the covers, especially during allergy season. But I find it amazing how good I feel after having worked out... and gotten the shower....cos, ewww. *winks*
...Collin was elected Patrol Leader at Boy Scouts. Patrols are like Dens in the Cub Scout world. He's excited to take on this new role of responsibility, and has been brainstorming what he can do with his Patrol. I'm so very happy to see his excitement with this, as getting a pre-teen excited about ANYTHING seems to be a chore.
....Our friends Jon and Heather are off to the hospital today to deliver their third baby. Can't wait to meet their little man.
...Oh, and here's a picture of the Golden Driller. My mom has totally fallen in love with him. She said that he kind of reminds her of a gigantic version of my dad. I want to tell my dad to watch out if my mom comes after him with a spray can.....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, this is the Golden Driller??? I thought it was Aaron after a night oout with the guys!! Congrats to Colin, he's a great kid.
Nana S.

8:17 AM

Blogger Judy in Indiana said...

I thought it looked under construction, but that is a oil rig, huh?

I am sure AAron can think of exercise for you to do at home that breaks a sweat. Mulching, mowing, gardening....

8:45 AM

Blogger Judy in Indiana said...

Unless your fingers are broken, you can update more than once a week.

2:55 PM


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