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Monday, November 24, 2008


...a good morning with the twins. Of course, now that I've actually put it into words, I'll get another email, saying that something went very wrong at school.

...Aaron put the camper in the back yard by our shed and cleaned out the garage yesterday. He parked the car (MY CAR) in the garage last night. I told him that the van (HIS VAN) was bigger and had more area to scrape and took longer to heat up, so he should park in there, but alas. He's nice like that and gave me the spot. The twins couldn't have been happier. They were so excited to be able to get into the car so quickly. They were so happy to get into the car this morning that they left their backpacks in the kitchen. But they were in the car without a fight, so I schlepped everything to the car.

...Colts squeaked out another victory! Yay! I missed the last quarter, as I was snuggled under two comforters. Is colder than crap in my living room....we're replacing the door. To the tune of $1,300! OUCH!

...Have packed my lunch today. My family got a big laugh out of my efforts to make tuna salad last night. You guys know that Aaron does most of the cooking around our house. He gets off much earlier than I do. And he's better at it than me. Case in point. I have a hard time getting eggs to hard-boil. There have been many egg yolks that made their way to the disposal because they weren't completely cooked in the center. Well, last night, they cooked alright. I cooked them so long (having forgotten that they were on the stove...heh) that one of the shells on the eggs cracked. Hey! They're cooked through! Then I go to make tuna salad, and grab one of those disposable gladware containers. We buy deli meat that has them, and they make great leftover dishes and lunch dishes. Well, I would grab the ONLY one that doesn't have a lid that fits it. I dirtied up two before Collin (who does dishes) and Aaron laughed at me over it. hmpf.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So happy the week started out good. Maybe since it is a short one it will be better. Not so good for Papaw and Nana Settles. He went to the Dr. last Thurs. and I went Sat. I was getting bad side-effects from the anti-biotics so waiting on a call back from the Dr. Hope your holliday is a very good one. Kiss the little ones for me.
Nana S.

10:09 AM

Blogger Judy in Indiana said...

Scott asked me where the camper was when we dropped of Collin on Sat night. Now I know!

He is so adorable and sweet and thankful. He is a joy to have around and never a problem at all. I like me a boy who is a good eater and gracious and thankful for whatever is put in front of him.

10:38 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad y'all had a good morning and a short jaunt in the cold to the car.

11:54 PM


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