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Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Girlie Night Out, Crafting, Momma Redemption...

you've been forewarned that this is one big-ass post! go grab some liquid refreshment....

....ok. So the movie? Um, how to put nicely? I had very low expectations of this movie. I knew that it would be nothing of what I had in my head. And I was ok with that. What I didn't expect if for my expectations to not be met at all. They didn't even MEET them. Oy. And I won't ruin the fun of anyone who wants to go by creating a bullet-list of things that just didn't do it for me. But it just didn't. So Nay and I did what many other people were doing throughout the movie. We made incessant fun of it. And what's nice is that Nay hated as much as me. And the people around us hated it as much as we did, so they didn't mind my gymnasium voice (and I was sober!) giving commentary. I heard chuckles out of some of the stuff I said. And about half-way through the carnage, I kept whispering to Nay that we were going to go have beer, scotch and cigars to even things out again. The boys (yes, boys!) behind us really got a snigger out of the cigar bit. Is ok, so does anyone else who's seen me smoke one.

....ANYWAY, so we head out after the movie is done, and go see about a drink and some dinner. So we head to the bar that is our current replacement for our old bar. The one with karaoke. In my head, I thought that perhaps we might be jumping from the frying pan into the fire, but, remaining optimistic, we head for the door. We hear the music before we get to the doorstep and we look at eachother and cringe. Surely they wouldn't have TWO nights of karaoke? We timidly go in, knowing that the experience is going to be far louder than we wished. But damn it...we don't go out much just the two of us, so we were going to make the best of it! So we sit down and look at eachother. We order our drinks and food. And then the singing starts. Lo and behold, it isn't karaoke. No. It's WORSE! One of the dudes who sings karaoke (not that he's not a bad singer, mind you....) was using the canned karaoke music and was like a paid act. So, needless to say, in the efforts to not have to listen to any more Shania Twain (oh, he was singing with a chick) or songs like Disco Inferno, we were out as soon as we finished our food and drinks.

.....So, update regarding Homemade Gift Exchange. It turns out that the twins' fit was a bit of a blessing (not that am thanking them for it... little jerky-turkeys!) on my wallet, because I was able to stave off having to buy extra stash for the gift projects I've got going on. I was able to come up with cuteness (I hope, at least!) without having to buy more stuff. And, Judy has said that this is the reason for doing this. We're using our stash to make really cute stuff for our friends. I have never been disappointed in the two years we've been doing this! So, we'll see ladies. I hope that you like it (see...Rebecca and I are HORRIBLE we're going to be on pins and needles until we exchange).

....Oh, and, to make up for the fact that I feel like all I do is nag my children, this morning I got up and the first thing I did was to help Erin make a fuse-bead star. She gets to do the fun part of putting the little peggy things on the form. I get the loverly job of finding whatever random color she wants. And they're usually random enough for me to have to hunt pretty hard for them! We ran out of sparkly purple. Seriously ran out (not sure where all the aforementioned fuse-beads came from, but they're a hodge-podge of several packs....I do believe I have my mother-in-law or sister-in-law to thank for this....). But we had a good time, and no screaming was involved. And I'll be damned if I didn't get pictoral evidence of it.... dag it!


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