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Thursday, November 20, 2008

I Take It Back....

... must be world's worst mom... have a read to the email I received today.....

He is doing a better job at not crying! But this week has been challenging for him and he went "red" today. I talked to him and he sat away from the group to think about it. He knows I'm emailing you, and he knew he had "bad behavior" as he said, so that's why he sat out.

He started by cutting another student's folder after she took the "purple" glue that he wanted. Then when I confronted him to apologize, he first said it was b/c she did the same thing. I asked him to show me and then tell the truth, so that is when the glue thing arose and said she did not cut his folder. Then during calendar he pulled the yellow tape I have down for lines off the carpet. We talked again why it was there and how it hurts my feelings when he ruins something of mine.

I told him that I knew that he was going to turn things around for tomorrow because he has been so good until this week, and that he will have a fresh start. And through all this, no tears which is great. I think he knew his actions were inappropriate and will be very responsible in the morning.

"Metal Health" by Quiet Riot, anyone?


Blogger Judy in Indiana said...

This breaks my heart. Let him start over when he gets home. You can talk about school, if you or he want to, or you can just say "I am so proud you didn't cry today" or whatever compliment you can think of. Give him some love and LET IT GO.

You do not need to rehash the school day. The teacher punished him, you don't have to.

Maybe he needs an extra job to do. He can help Noah look at the piggies tonight or tell him what piggies really need, that they like to be help or whatever. Noah feels better when he has a job. We now pay in cash, rather than poker chips, though. Jobs make you feel important.

2:00 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

ha... if that's all it takes... honey I've been ther for a while.. =)

2:11 PM

Blogger Katie said...

I know it sucks now but this will be really funny in about 10 years. I like Judy's advice too.

And you aren't the world's worst mom, momof4 has pinned that on me! ;)

12:34 AM


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