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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Talkin' 'Bout Vindication....

...ok so a few weeks back, a friend of mine came over to watch football at my house. We all sat around, watching NON-COLTS football, because they played on Monday that week. So, we wound up watching a Dallas Cowboys game. For those of you who are NOT Cowboys fans, you know how easy it is to make fun of them. From the dumb look on Romo's face as the ball's snapped to him, to their uniforms. I started making fun of the powder-blue color of the pants they wear when they wear their white jerseys. The boys, one of whom is supposed to be my friend, and one of whom is supposed to be the love of my life, made fun of me, saying that the color was silver, NOT powder-blue. Now, for those of you who know me, know that I am ANAL RETENTIVE when it comes to colors. Not to be swayed by EVERYONE I TALKED to on the matter, I remained steadfast in my opinion. Even if the world didn't agree with me.

....Fast forward a few weeks. The Colts won their game! Woo hoo! The Titans and the Jags went head-to-head (Jags doing pretty much what Colts did by using all their mojo in the first half and getting beat in the end). And currently, the Cowboys are playing a grudge-match against the Redskins. Well, they're wearing navy blue jerseys tonight. Lo, and behold! Their pants are ACTUALLY SILVER! So, I went back to two of the many friends and told them that the pants they're wearing tonight are truly silver. One of my (former) friends said to look it up online, that surely they wear the same silver pants with both jerseys.'s the result. And, while am totally not correct in my powder-blue analysis.... I can change the color to SEAFOAM GREEN! And here's some of the funniest commentary on the Cowboy's uniforms.


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