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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hello, My Name Is Stephanie....

...and I'm a full-fledged endorphine junkie. How much better I feel now that I spent one and a half hours of the last two working out! I went to karate tonight and then went to the gym after dropping off Collin. But now I feel great.

And now...a bullet list of other things I was able to accomplish today:
  • Go through the mounds of papers accumulating in the twins' school folders, purge the papers, rejoice over good papers, double check on which papers were things that needed to be finished.
  • Fill out permission forms and write checks for their field trip to Polar Express. Moan to myself that I'll not be able to go with the twins like I did for Collin. Seriously, this is yet another time I wish they were in the same part of the day as far as KG goes. Otherwise, 'tis no big deal. Logistically, the Polar Express just ain't gonna happen. *pouts*
  • Get Griffin out of the funk that being abandoned by Collin (who is so very sweetly playing with him lately) put him in. I don't blame Collin for wanting to spend a few minutes with his own friends. It's yucky, but I lick his nose to make him laugh. Is quite me. And was even funnier when he started doing it to me on Sunday to make me laugh.
  • Stay inside the office building the entire day. I did have McD's for lunch....Big Macs tend to help the downhearted Steph!
  • Oh, and last, but certainly not least, I am working as guinea pig broker between Nain and Judy. I think we might have a match, folks! You see, Noah, Judy's son, wants to get a guinea pig. Nain, as you know, used to run a guinea pig mill out of her two bedroom apartment. Nain is growing weary of raising guinea pigs (although she was able to stop the breeding madness).... so bada-bing, bada-boom.... Noah will meet the guineas on Thursday night to see if he would definitely like to keep them for his very own. Methinks that Judy's husband might not like me anymore......

Anyway, am off to stretch and clean my stinky, sweaty body. 'Night all!


Blogger Alaina said...

Yes, thank you for whoring out my guinea pigs :-) I'm closing shop more pets. I think the mass reproduction I had this summer was more than enough.

9:53 PM


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