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Friday, November 14, 2008


...we're headed to Muncie tomorrow to watch a karate tournament. Should be some fun. Neither Collin nor I am competing in the tournament. We're just going to go and watch. It's fun, because there are people who come to most tournaments. And it's fun to watch them grow as martial artists. feeling at the heighth of motherhood this evening (insert note of sarcasm here). It's Erin's turn to play the biggest jerk in my house right now. I do so love being screamed at by a little girl. Those of you with little girls, especially ones who are as stubborn as my delicate little flower Erin, will totally understand where I'm coming from with that one.


Blogger Lynn said...

Sounds like you need try the beer before liquor (or was it the other way around) again
xoxo, Lynn

8:54 PM


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