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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Happy Saturday! the twins tested for their gold belt on Wednesday. At first I wasn't very happy about this, as I had intended to hold off until July. But on Tuesday night, Erin attempted to cry herself off the mat....again. I wasn't at this class. But Aaron told me that Sensei told her that she needed to stay on the mat if she intended to test the next day. Doh! Trumped by Sensei....But they have their gold belts now, and will be going to a new class. Which Griffin is absolutely stoked about.
...Am going to be working a bit this weekend to get a bit caught up on my work, since every time I go to a property, I feel like I fall behind a bit. It's month-end, so there is a lot to review that hasn't been yet. I'm getting some of my vacation time back that went negative while I was in pain and high out of my mind on medicine in April. Of course, I'll go negative again if I take a week off, but am feeling the need to recharge.
...Why is it that all the weekends are full of rainy days lately? We're bracing ourselves for more clouds and rain again this weekend. *sigh*
....I went to the chiro again this morning, and he's not seeming optimistic. He suggested that if he's not helping me that I go to a physical therapist to get exercises that might help my back. I'm not sure that I'll do this, as the main reason I went to see him was for my neck last week. Which he's helped tremendously. After my appointment, I went to the gym and spent 20 minutes on the elliptical trainer. It felt good to get my body moving again. Am headed back to karate on Monday. I can't take it anymore.


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