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Saturday, June 21, 2008


....while you love all your kids the same, you love them all differently. Griffin, while the most frustrating of the lot, is certainly MY boy. He cuddles me relentlessly. Always has a way of giving me good snuggles. And he has a crazy boy sense of humor. Love it. And, if you haven't guessed...he will ALWAYS pose for the camera. I went to the chiro today. He seems to believe that my neck hurting certainly was a long time in the making. He did give me the sentence of death, though.... no karate until he sees me again. But let me just say that the dude was more about popping and cracking my neck. He spent most of his time on my MUSCLES. Which were so happy to receive some loving. I go again on Tuesday evening. We shall see. But having full range of my neck will have distinct advantages....


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sorry to hear about your neck!

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