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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Since I rarely Drunk Dial People.... get a drunk post. I had fun tonight. We went to BW's with Matt and Nay and Steph and Paul. I had three tall beers. And this has been very hard to type., friends... dear friends.... why is it that my dear husband got more comments than me today....some say it's because my site is in German...others because I don't allow anoynomous (sp? am not drunk...just drinkin'.) comments. Whatever... comment, will you?? LOL


Blogger a very tired mommy said...

Yo.... this is me again... Anonym is Anonymous...and I still don't think I"m spelliing it right.... lmao

10:20 PM

Blogger Kari said...

You crazy girl! Drunk blogging!

Parenting is darn hard! Is it going to get easier, evah?

8:55 AM

Blogger Judy in Indiana said...

I feel your pain. Days will go by and I may have just one lonely commenter. Thank God for katie lately. Scott installed a google thing that tracks blog visits. I get 30-45 most days, but nary a comment.

9:26 AM

Anonymous M@ said...

I don't care about the anon., but I'm glad to have the Name/URL option back. :)

10:16 AM


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