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Friday, June 20, 2008

Oy... I have incredibly bad luck. Today while stretching my neck out at my desk, it siezed up, immobilizing me. So badly, in fact, that I made Aaron come to my work and bring me my muscle relaxers. So any questions of whether I am going to do the tournament tomorrow are answered for me. I'm so sad. I'd also signed up for a nuchako class at my dojo that was today that I had to cancel.

...getting old sucks, folks. I'm headed to bed soon. And tomorrow morning at 8:30, I'm headed to the chiropractor. How freaking old is that? *sigh*

...hope everyone else had a better day than me and my girlie Nay. Some dumb truck shot a piece of debris at her while she was traveling at 75 mph down the interstate this afternoon, and it dinged her hood pretty good. I'm very sad for her, as I know how much she loves her car. So as your friend I wish you a better time than we have had today.


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