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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Babies! and Collin... I'm a great-Auntie again. You can't see them all, but there are FIVE guinea pig babies here. Doing my good auntie duties, I'm watching them while Alaina travels the state to provide knowledge to the lawyers of Indiana. Swapping off with her last night swept me back to my college days. Only this time it was animals instead of a young Collin that I was exchanging, and it was Alaina instead of Andrea with whom I was doing the mad exchange.

...Can I just say that anything in miniature form is cute in my eyes? ANYTHING.

...So last night I made a mad dash home (after the aforementioned guinea exchange) to make dinner (Yes...I made dinner...NO...nothing was burned in the process!). After a hastily eaten feast of smoked sausage and mac-n-cheese (gourmet I'm not!), we made another mad dash to see Collin promote to Tenderfoot class in the Boy Scouts. Am proud of the little man. He's been working a bit harder with scouts than last year. Of course, he also has a bit more support from a leader standpoint than he did last year. Am always stuck in the point as a parent on whether I should keep pushing him along with scouting and what he might need to do for advancement and letting him do things on his own. It's hard to know how much pressure is too much and how much is just right. *sigh*

....go give Katie some love. There is so much that goes into moving half-way across the country...I don't envy the stress that she's under, but I'm way excited to have her close by and to see her house. That I've vowed not to see until SHE herself gets to step foot into it! Sorry Greg!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My babies are cute, aren't they? I know you'll keep good care of them while I'm gone. Thanks for helping me out!

1:41 PM

Blogger Judy in Indiana said...

They are cute babies. I gotta say? baby snakes? Still note cute to me. Just about anything furry though is cute!

3:32 PM


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